Estate Planning

Over the past 27 years we’ve helped individuals and families in preparing proactive plans to take care of their future needs. In doing so, we utilize a myriad of legal tools such as Wills, Living Trust, Irrevocable Trusts, General Durable Power of Attorneys, Health Care Power of Attorneys, Transfer on Death Deeds and Living Wills. Each individual or family circumstance requires a detailed review of their assets, liabilities, income, family dynamics and overall wishes.

Often we are representing:

  • Couples with young children that want to name a guardian for their children, and perhaps set up a trust to spread the money out over time, rather than have them inherit a sizable sum when they turn eighteen.
  • Couples in their second or later marriage where they want to amicably allocate assets for their respective children or heirs in an equitable manner.
  • Single parents that want to assure that an ex-spouse does not control funds that are being left to their minor children.
  • Grandparents that want to leave assets to their grandchildren with or without the grandchildren’s parent controlling the funds.
  • Individuals that are in need of planning for Medicaid assistance.
  • Individuals that need to have others appointed to make their health care decisions if they become unable to do so.
  • Individuals that need to have others appointed to assist them with their financial affairs.
  • Individuals with health concerns that need to have others appointed as their attorney-in-fact to assist in avoiding the necessity of a court guardianship in the future.

Additionally, our practice also includes probate administration.  We get our clients appointed as Executor of the Will (or Administrator of the Estate if there is no Will), transfer assets pursuant to the Will, and account for the income, assets and liabilities of the Estate, prepare Estate tax returns and close the Estate in a timely manner.

Obviously, this is just a small example of the type of concerns we have assisted our clients with over the years. Again, everyone’s scenario is fact specific and we are patient in learning the concerns, needs and desires of each client so that a cost effective plan can be put in place for their family’s future.