Business Law

Over the past 27 years we’ve helped individuals and entities in the following areas; automobile sales, automotive repair, dentists, plumbers, restaurants, bars, pizza shops, convenience stores, tanning salons, beauty salons, general contractors, sub-contractors, manufacturers and many other fields of business. In addition to independently run we’ve also represented Holiday Inn Express, Motel 6, Super 8, Ford, Mercury, Chevrolet, Buick, Pontiac, Mr. Hero, Baskin Robbins, Wingstop, Jimmy John’s, Petland, Midas and numerous other franchisees.

We are involved in assisting the individuals in forming their business entity, whether incorporating an S or C corporation or organizing a limited liability company. We aid in the financing of their business by preparing their business plan for SBA financing and/or working with banks, government programs or private financing sources to obtain favorable financing terms. Start-up businesses also use our services to draft or negotiate lease terms with their proposed landlord.

Often we also find ourselves assisting clients in either buying or selling an ongoing business by obtaining a business broker, preparing non-disclosure agreements, drafting an asset purchase agreement, negotiating with the other party, performing due diligence and/or working with the banks, government programs or private financing sources to secure acceptable financing terms. If not done properly a buyer could be responsible as a successor to a business for that company’s taxes, debts and/or liabilities.